How To Become A Patron (FAQ)

What does it take to become a patron?
Sign up for a monthly donation of $5 or more and that is all.


What does my donation go towards?
Adding new content to the site, site improvements such as increased responsiveness, interface upgrades, and additional patron features to be added in the future.
What does becoming a patron get me?
You get early access to new content as we complete it. That means access to Joshua, Jeremiah, Daniel, and Jonah NOW in addition to the already released books. Patrons will also receive access to other books as they are finished! A partner account is also able to return to where they left off rather than having to start at Genesis P1 at login.
What are we currently working on?

We are working our way through the prophets as defined by ancient Judaism. Our next release scheduled for Fall/Winter 2020 will include the following books:

- Joshua
- Judges
- Samuel
- Kings
- Isaiah
- Jeremiah
- Ezekiel
- Daniel
- Hosea
- Joel
- Amos
- Obadiah
- Jonah
- Micah
- Nahum
- Habakkuk
- Zephaniah
- Haggai
- Zachariah
- Malachi

Your patron account will get you access to each of these books as they are finished, rather than waiting for the full release.

What happens when we are finished with the Prophets?

The following release after the prophets will return to the New Testament with the remainder of the NT books. Your patron account will get you early access to these books as we finish. This release is currently scheduled for Summer 2021 and will include the books of:

- Romans
- 1 & 2 Corinthians
- Galatians
- Ephesians
- Philippians
- Colossians
- 1 & 2 Thessalonians
- 1 & 2 Timothy
- Titus
- Philemon
- Hebrews
- James
- 1 & 2 Peter
- 1, 2 & 3 John
- Jude
- Revelation

The final major release scheduled for Winter 2021/2022 will include the remaining books of the OT, known as the Writings.

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